We’ve all probably had at least one moment in our lives where we dreamed of packing everything we owned into a single suitcase, climbing aboard a traveling gypsy caravan, and forsaking modern society for good as you travel the world. Or something along those lines. Either way, the ultimate boho travel dream can now be actualized with this adorable gypsy wagon tiny home for sale in Florida.

For just $16,000, you can pick up your new travel caravan in Naples and start off on your vagabond journey.

The rustic little gypsy wagon has never been used, so she’ll be fresh on the road for all of your camping and wandering needs.

Repurposed from a former horse trailer, she’s 108 square feet of rustic magic, detailed with beautiful swaths of lace, floral accents, and vintage accessories.

All of these details really make it feel like this wagon already belonged to a wise old gypsy woman.

The wagon also features an almost king-sized bed with plenty of storage underneath. There’s a bar with industrial stools and a wine cabinet (obviously essential), plus a comfy seating nook with extra storage.

The kitchen is small with a decorative sink and mini-fridge which is perfect for storing any and all snacks you may need for your trip.

This wagon embodies minimalism with the exclusion of a shower and currently features a portable bag-type toilet.

Featuring 6000 BTU AC and a ceramic heater, you’ll be good to go in your gypsy wagon in any climate.

As for cooking, there is a single one burner hot plate that can be stowed away when you’re not using it.

The entire wagon is insulated except for the curved ceiling and offers several beautiful windows to enjoy the view through.

With brand new tires and a clean title, she’s ready to go when you are, and everything shown in the photos is included.

So? What are you waiting for? The journey of a lifetime is waiting!

18' Gypsy Wagon

Price: $16,000

Address: Naples, FL

Why You Need To Buy It: You'll roam wild and free in this perfect boho camper.