A Toronto Woman Has Come Forward With Haunting Allegations Against Lead Singer Of Hedley

Ever since the initial allegations following the #outhedley2k18 hashtag came out, several others have followed. Now yet another woman, this time one from Toronto, is coming forward with a haunting story concerning the front-runner of Canadian band, Hedley.  Be warned that her story is extremely graphic and could be triggering to some. 

The woman in question opted to remain anonymous during her interview with CBC considering the details of her story. She had decided to come forward after hearing about an Ottawa woman who had come forward about her own experience last week, and after seeing the similarities with her own story, she felt it necessary to speak up. 

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The time of the woman's interaction with Jacob Hoggard was back in March of 2013 when she was age 40 and Hoggard was 28. The pair met at a Canadian Music Week after party which she had attended with her husband. During that night after having a drink with the singer, the woman recounts that Hoggard asked for her business card. 

The following day she says that Hoggard began sending flirty texts, she brushed him off claiming she was "old enough to be his mother" but admits that she was flattered considering he was a younger man. She noted that his age, as well as the low point her marriage at during that time, resulted in eventual plans to met up with Hoggard at a Toronto hotel on March 22nd. 

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When she arrived to the hotel and got to his room, she says that Hoggard was extremely aggressive while she was attempting to explain her ground rules for sex, noting that he told her she looked "like a porn star." Her rules? No rough sex because she was recovering from a shoulder injury, no anal sex and she refused to have sex with him without a condom. 

What ended up transpiring was Hoggard ignoring all of her rules and engaging in everything she had said she did not want to do. The woman claiming that her shoulder injury limited her from getting up from the position she was put in and that it took her saying "no" several times before he finally stopped after she told him it hurt. 

While it was only a 20-minute affair, the Toronto woman claims she scrambled out of the apartment as soon as Hoggard went to take a shower. The next day she accused Hoggard over text of ignoring her when it came to the topic of consent and warned him that "his actions could land him in jail" one day. 

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Since then she has had the continued support of her husband after telling him about the affair a few days after it happened back in 2013. She notes that she feels she "let herself down for not being a tougher person." Leading to her decision to come forward and share her story to support victims who have already come out, and possibly other victims who are still remaining silent. 

While Hedley has maintained their innocence, they released statements along with Hoggard admitting that they had long mistreated women and would be taking an indefinite hiatus to "find themselves." While Hoggard has not commented on the allegations that have arisen in the past week, it's presumed he as well as Hedley will go under the radar as soon as their "Cageless" tour wraps up. 

Source: CBC News