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A Toronto Woman Broke Her Pelvis, Drank Her Own Urine And Survived For Nearly 100 Hours In A Desert Alone And The Story Is Nuts

If you’ve ever been on some kind of hiking or camping trip you know that there is always the slight possibility that you could seriously injure yourself in some horrific way.

One woman from Toronto recently went on a solo hiking trip in Joshua Tree National Park in California and it did not go well for her.

She broke her pelvis and had to survive for 4 days and 3 nights entirely on her own.  

Claire Nelson was out for a hike when she mistakenly wandered off the trail.

A little while later still not knowing she was off the trail she climbed up a rocky hill only to find herself at the top of a small cliff.

"I thought, there's one little gap in the rocks and maybe that's the trail, so I stood up and sort of tested my footing on a rock and as soon as I put my foot on it, even though I wasn't putting all my weight on it, it slid like ice," she said. 

She ended up falling 4.5 metres to the ground, breaking her pelvis and her sacrum.

"I felt this immense pain shoot through my body," she said.

She then began screaming for help thinking she was only off the trail by a few meters when really she was about 2 kilometers off track.

She also tried calling 911 but couldn’t get a signal. 

Unable to move she ran out of water in the first 24 hours, had to drink her own urine and made a makeshift shelter out of a t-shirt and a hat to try and avoid the desert sun.

She was rescued by a helicopter after her friends hadn’t seen her post on Instagram recently and her car was found at the start of the trail. 

Nelson had travellers insurance but that hasn’t covered all her medical bills and has started a GoFundMe page to help cover all her costs.

As a reminder, if you plan on going hiking alone always remember to tell someone where you’re going, the anticipated time you'll be away, and to stay on the trail. 


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