We all need money and everyone wants to go on vacation and stay in a nice big hotel for a week or so.

The question is, exactly just how desperate are you to go and do both?

Because St. Louis University is willing to give you a great big chunk of cash to go stay in a hotel. But only if you’re ok with catching the flu.  

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The researchers at the university have modified a hotel to act as a quarantined medical unit and are going to be testing flu treatments on people who will be paid to show up and be infected.

Those participating will be given either the flu shot or a placebo before being infected with the flu through a nasal spray. 

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Now being sick sucks and everyone knows that but here you’ll be paid to just lie around all day.

And it’s not like you’re going to be paid some terrible minimum wage to get sick, no they’ll give you the equivalent of $4,550 CAD. 

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They’ll keep you there up to 12 days, presumably, you can leave earlier if you’ve fully recovered from being sick so if you have a killer immune system you might only be there a couple days and get paid a massive amount of money for your time. 

So if you literally want to be paid to do nothing but lie in bed this is for you. 

Source: Global News