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A Woman From B.C. Was Pulled Over In A Random Traffic Stop And Ended Up Getting Charged With 77 Crimes In 2 Provinces

If you're going to commit a crime it's probably best to ditch the evidence somewhere quickly. 

But a B.C. woman who was pulled over at a traffic stop didn't do that and she got nailed for it. 

And not just for a couple of things, she's now facing dozens of charges for what police found in her car. 

Stephany Heppner, from Penticton B.C., was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Airdrie, Alta. this week and it did not go well for her.

The RCMP say the licence plate on the car she was driving belonged to someone with a suspended license so they started asking her questions. Heppner appeared nervous and apparently gave the officer a fake driver’s licence.  

That’s when police started searching her vehicle and found a ridiculous amount of illegal things.

The things they found included: suspected fentanyl, marijuana, methamphetamine as well as drug-related paraphernalia. 

They also found, a police baton, bear spray, knives, tools that are used for break-ins, stolen mail and cheques, fake identification, documents outlining possible fake credit cards and bank accounts.

And if that isn’t enough they even found three laptops, a portable printer, materials to make fake credit cards and a smart key programmer. 

Police linked the stolen items to crimes in Calgary, Cochrane, Red Deer, Surrey, Vancouver and Coquitlam.

The car was understandably seized and towed away. Heppner is now facing 77 different charges.

Maybe it’s best not to have all the evidence against you in the car with you at all times. 

Source:Global News

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