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A&W Canada Has A Whole Day Dedicated To Their Teen Burger This August

Every Canadian is familiar with the A&W Teen Burger. It's a perfect combination of juicy beef, mouth-watering bacon, crisp lettuce, onion, tomato and pickles served on a freshly toasted sesame seed bun. And when we say perfect, we mean it: nothing hits the spot quite like a tasty Teen Burger. 

If there are any Mama or Papa Burger lovers out there who might disagree, try this fact on for size: The Teen Burger has proven to be so good that A&W Canada has a whole day dedicated to it this August. Yup, an entire day - and it's all for a good cause!

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On August 16, A&W Canada will be hosting its annual Burgers To Beat MS Day. What exactly is Burgers To Beat MS? In a nutshell (or... burger bun?), it's a day-long celebration of generosity, hope - and Canada's tastiest burger. 

Entering its tenth year as a well-established initiatived for A&W Canada and the MS Society of Canada, every single Teen Burger purchased on Burgers To Beat MS Day (AKA, this upcoming August 16) will see $2 going towards helping fuel research and provide vital services for Canadians living with MS.

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That's right - eat a classic, juicy, delicious Teen Burger on August 16, and you've automatically given $2 to an amazing cause. This is the definition of a win-win. 

Just an FYI: Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, with on average 11 Canadians diagnosed with MS every single day; MS is actually the most common neurological disease affecting young adults, with women being 3x more likely (!) to be diagnosed than men. 

But thankfully, there are ways to help - and A&W's Canada's Burgers To Beat MS has been helping out in a big way. The initiative (which, BTW, has Canadian soccer legend Christine Sinclair as its spokesperson this year!) has raised over $11 million (!!) to date for people in Canada living with MS. 

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As if Teen Burgers weren't awesome enough already, on August 16, they'll basically be the perfect thing to eat at A&W. Or anywhere, probably. (Not that you need a reason to grab a Teen Burger - but let's be real, knowing your fave burger is helping out makes it taste all the better!). 

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Join A&W and the MS Society of Canada for the 10th Anniversary of their Burgers To Beat MS initiative, when $2 dollars from every Teen Burger helps fuel research to finding a cure for multiple sclerosis. Check out A&W’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more.