OMG. The one thing that Canadian fast food restaurants seriously lack in is their vegetarian options. If you're a vegetarian yourself, or if you have vegetarian friends, then you know that it's basically impossible to find a veg-friendly option when you go to McDonald's, Wendy's or any other major fast-food franchise.

You're basically stuck ordering fries with a side of more fries. Well, A&W just announced that they will be adding a vegetarian burger to their menus and we couldn't be more excited! 

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If you're a vegetarian, then you'll be elated to know that A&W just signed a partnership with Beyond Meat. The new partnership will allow A&W Canada to bring a plant-based burger to their menus... this summer! 

If you didn't know, Beyond Meat is a well-known company that's famous for their vegetarian burgers that actually taste like real meat! Beyond Meat burgers have been compared to the Impossible Burger, both of which are known for being delicious and tasting just like regular meat burgers. 

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Beyond Meat has developed their special patty to look, smell and taste like regular meat! It's obviously not meat though, it's plant-based and made from protein-rich crops like peas and mung beans. 

A&W will be adding the plant-based burgers to 925 locations across Canada starting July 9th. 

This summer, challenge your non-vegetarian friends to see if they can taste the difference between a regular burger and A&W's new vegetarian burger! 

Source: CTV News