Today is finally the day, foodies. A week ago, we told all of you hungry souls about the new Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwiches coming to A&W. Now, the wait is finally over. You can officially try the new Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich at A&W today! This will definitely get your Monday started out on the right foot.

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Let's get real. The Beyond Meat burger is amazing and not just for those of us who are vegan or vegetarian. Somehow, Beyond Meat was able to create a patty without any animal byproducts that still tastes and looks like meat! 

Ever since this burger was released last May, people have been going crazy over it. Now, since the demand has grown, Beyond Meat and A&W have partnered up once again to offer this amazing substitute in the form of a sausage and egger breakfast sandwich! 

In order to get the ball rolling on the announcement, A&W held a VIP event where attendees could try the new sandwich. According to HGTV’s Love it Of List It Vancouver host and former ABC Bachelorette Jillian Harris, the new Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich is just as good as it sounds!

This new Beyond Meat breakfast sausage is entirely plant-based and made from peas, brown rice, and mung bean protein. 

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According to Harris, the breakfast sausage even looked and smelt like meat. She even said that if she didn’t know it was plant-based, she would seriously be confused. 

Thank goodness we don’t have to wait any longer to try it! This new plant-based option is available today at all A&W locations. 

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If you want to take your sensible eating one step further, now is your chance. Get out there and try the English Muffin Beyond Meat Sausage and Egger today. 

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