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Aaron Carter Almost Missed His Concert In Halifax Because The Cops Showed Up To His House

The singer will be performing at Sniggily Wiggily's tonight.
Aaron Carter Almost Missed His Concert In Halifax Because The Cops Showed Up To His House

Since he was just nine years old, Aaron Carter has been releasing hit singles and catching the attention of people everywhere. When you rise to fame at such a young age, a lot of pressure is put on you to meet societal expectations and maintain a squeaky clean image so as not to let down your fans. Unfortunately, this mass amount of pressure often takes a toll on celebrities and makes it hard for them to express themselves. In recent years, Carter has reinvented himself with a "bad boy" image and has been very candid about his mental health struggles. Despite all of his hardships, he continues to put out new music and perform. Aaron Carter's Halifax show was almost cancelled due to a visit from the police.

Back in September, Carter announced that he would be heading to Canada's east coast to perform a show at Halifax's Sniggily Wiggily's on October 4. The big day is finally here, and fans are more than excited, but according to Carter's Instagram stories, the show almost had to be cancelled due to a visit from local authorities to his house.

"What's good, everybody? The f*cking cops just showed up again, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it to Halifax," the singer said.

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It appears Carter was able to leave his place and head to the airport though, but not without running into more trouble with the police.

"They literally got me held up at customs wow," Carter tweeted. "I’ll get out but seriously y’all gotta put me in a fucking orange jail suit and take all my jewelry away."

Twitter users aren't exactly sure how valid Carter's story actually is, and some are even suggesting that it's all a prank for an upcoming episode of The Trailer Park Boys.

"Yes sure Aaron. But you can keep your phone," someone Tweeted sarcastically. "Its for @trailerparkboys chill! Lol he's not really in jail dummies," a fan clarified.

It looks like Carter made it out of the airport safe and sound, as he just completed an interview with CTV. "What’s up Canada 🇨🇦 #WeAreTheNorth I’M HeRE TO StAY 🧲 just had a great interview with @ctv -HOsted By @katiekellyhali" he wrote on Instagram this afternoon.

Carter's show starts at 9 p.m. tonight. Tickets are sold out online, but a select few will be available at the door for purchase! Be sure to get there early if you want a chance to see him perform live.

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