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Aaron Hernandez's True Crime Docu-Series On Netflix Canada Is The New "Making A Murderer"

The chilling series is coming to Netflix on January 15.
Aaron Hernandez Documentary On Netflix Canada

If you're a true crime fanatic on the hunt for something new to watch, today is your lucky day. Later this month, an Aaron Hernandez documentary will be coming to Netflix Canada, opening up about all the details of the horrendous crimes he committed.

If you're not familiar with the story, Hernandez was an American football player who, despite being either a suspect or defendant in six different shootings, went on to sign a $39.5 million five-year extension contract with the New England Patriots.

While a lot of people are familiar with what happened in the Hernandez case, this new docu-series examines exactly how a boy from Connecticut got mixed up in a world of gangs, violence, and drugs.

According to the trailer, the NFL player had a rocky relationship with his father, who was once a thug. Hernandez's father managed to turn his life around but passed away in 2006 due to complications during a hernia treatment.

This was very hard on the then 16-year-old, who was reported to idolize his father. The former Patriots player also had a rough relationship with his mother, who was arrested in 2001 for her booking bets on sports, according to Rolling Stone.

"I was the happiest little kid in the world and you f*cked me up. I had nobody. What did you think I was going to do? Become a perfect angel?", Hernandez can be heard saying to his mother in the trailer.

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As a professional athlete, Hernandez sustained his share of concussion-related injuries over the years, and the docu-series trailer asserts that these traumas could have caused things like dementia and brain damage in the NFL player.

In 2013, the Connecticut-born football star was arrested for murder, and in 2015 he was found guilty of the murder of Odin Lloyd, his future brother-in-law. Hernandez died by suicide in 2017, after being declared not guilty of two other murders.

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Netflix's latest true crime docu-series comes from the same studio as works like Making A Murderer and Evil Genius — two chilling shows that you should definitely watch if you haven't already.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez hits Netflix on January 15. You can check out the trailer for the upcoming series below.

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