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These 140-Year-Old Church Ruins In South Carolina Are Rumored To Be Haunted

Screams can still be heard from the bell tower.
Abandoned Church In South Carolina Has A Spooky History

With so many cities and states being locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak, many are searching for ways to stay busy indoors. If you're looking for a good spooky tale to keep you up at night, this abandoned church in South Carolina might be the Southern story you're looking for. 

Prince Fredrick's Chapel, nicknamed "The Old Gunn Church" after deceased contractors, has a haunting history that only locals know. The 19th century church is in Plantersville, South Carolina, built in 1859. The full construction took over 16 years to complete, resulting in a picturesque tower with massive gated doors. 

In its hayday, the church mainly serviced rice planters that worked along the Pee Dee River. Overtime, as crop production slowed, the rice planters made less money, therefore the church itself fell to its lack of repairs and construction

During this time, one of the contractors hired to work on the church climbed onto the roof and fell to his death. No one is quite sure if the fallen contractor was Philip or Edward Gunn, but the church was thus named after its victim.

Visitors of the Gothic-style chapel say they've heard screaming coming from the tower when they stand near it, which are believed to be screams stuck in a time warp.

It is said that Gunn's ghost haunts the bell tower of the church and the surrounding land, unable to pass on to "the other side." 

To preserve the legacy of the church, a fence (with barbed wire) has been placed around the church so vandals can not trespass.

While you're not able to get up close to the haunted building, you can still get a great view from the fence and maybe even feel the ghostly energy of the area.

Only locals and select tourist go looking for this spot, so this may be a great solo adventure to take now to get out of the city or a great way to start your summer activities. Who says you have to wait until Halloween for a good ghost story?

Prince Fredrick's Chapel

Price: Free

Address: 9796 Plantersville Rd., Georgetown SC

Why You Need To Go: This Gothic cathedral is the perfect place to feel some spooky vibes, take a few picturesque flicks and potentially leave with a good ghost story.

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