This Abandoned Graffiti Highway In Pennsylvania Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

Welcome to the real life Silent Hill.
Abandoned Places In Pennsylvania Include Centralia's Eerie Graffiti Highway

Pennsylvania is a state rich in history; from our colonial roots to the more recently abandoned factories, there are nearly endless opportunities for history buffs here. Even if you aren't particularly into history, there are a few stops along on your state-wide road trips that will at least make for a pretty cool Insta pic. Take, for example, Centralia's graffiti highway.

Many people have heard of Centralia, as it was one of the leading inspirations for the Silent Hill franchise. And to be fair, we can see why a horror film would be based on this abandoned small town with a weird history

While most of the ghost town has since been razed for safety reasons, one part still remains: the abandoned three-quarter-mile stretch of Pennsylvania Route 61, now known as the Graffiti Highway.

The roadway was abandoned due to an underground mine fire, causing the area to be structurally unstable. Due to safety concerns, traveling or walking on the highway is considered trespassing and may result in fines. 

Needless to say, that doesn't seem to deter many people from visiting the roadside oddity for some edgy photo ops. There are over 45,000 posts with the #Centralia tag on Instagram. 

On some days you wouldn't be surprised to see someone riding their dirtbike up and down the long stretch of unused road, but once in a while, the place will be completely barren with nothing more than a curious crow in the trees watching your every move; oh, and don't be shocked when you see a pentagram and other occult symbols drawn along the way. 

Before you book your road trip itinerary, remember that there is a reason why the highway is off-limits to visitors! With cracking pavement and unstable surface area, the safest way to admire the eerie location is from your computer. 

Other areas of the town can be safely explored and are not off-limits to visitors, like the church on the hill that looks oddly similar to the one in Silent Hill

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