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ABC Just Announced The New Bachelor: Here's Everything You Need To Know About Him

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it is OFFICIAL. After countless teasing from producers, castmates and Reality Steve, ABC has officially announced their new Bachelor. And I for one, couldn't be more excited. 

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While many of us hoped and prayed The Bachelor executives would cast Peter Kraus, in the end - it wasn't meant to be. Executive Mike Fleiss tweeted earlier this month that they would want their Bachelor to be "ready to propose" and Peter simply wasn't on Rachel's season. We can hope to see this hunk in Paradise next year or maybe even on an upcoming season of The Bachelorette - but as a season lead? Not this time...

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You may remember Emily Maynard. She won Brad Womack's second season of The Bachelor before things got messy, the couple split & she got her own season of The Bachelorette. Emily was Southern, blonde and beautiful widow, with passion for her daughter - the perfect combination for a franchise lead. Maynard had 25 bachelors to chose from and ended up whittling them down to two guys - Jef Holm & Arie Luyendyk Jr. - an entrepreneur or a race car driver, in the end. 

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Maynard ended up running off into the sunset with Jef, but not before she broke Arie's heart. Bachelor was devastated at the loss. Arie, throughout her season was an absolute dream, and when she picked Jef - who was short, young, and waited 4 dates to kiss her (??) - we were beyond shocked and dismayed. 

BUT NOW. TODAY. After YEARS of waiting, Arie Jr. is getting his time in the sun. ABC has officially named him this season's Bachelor and we, for one, are ecstatic. 

Bachelor Nation, start your engines! We are proud to announce the next Bachelor will be....@ariejr! 🌹🏁🌹

September 7, 2017

Now, you may be wondering - Paige, what do I need to know about Arie Jr? Well folks, here's what I know. Arie first appeared on The Bachelorette in 2012 with Emily Maynard, where he placed in the top 2. He was known to have ridiculously blue eyes and be a notoriously good kisser, at least by Emily Maynard's standards. We last saw him on Sean Lowe's season of The Bachelor when he advised his fellow cast-mate and wished him luck as the season lead. 

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He was born in the Netherlands (which means he speaks Dutch!) and later moved to The United States. He followed in his father's footsteps by taking up race-car driving. Arie is a well established driver known for his high rankings in the Indy Lights Series as well as having Grand Prix experience - which we're told is quite serious. He even thinks his biggest accomplishment is driving in the Indy 500! 

As for the fun stuff, he's 35 years old. A millionaire, with a net-worth of $2million dollars, and has 2 tattoos (which we are dying to see). He also rides a motorcycle and is a self-proclaimed romantic. Oh Arie, we're all in. And can't wait to watch you this year! 

Still need more convincing? Check out his suuuuaaave moves in this amazing clip. See you next season. 

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