Don't get me wrong, the gym is a public institution where anyone is free to come and train, thus the things men think about when working out in the same room as our fellow pheromone releasing females will now be kept from the shadows forever.

1. Are they real?

Yes, men will always think of that mind boggling question when spotting this incredibly fit athlete with a bra size that will make them jump around frantically while on the elliptical.

2. Bro I swear she's looking at me

You might have awesome looking aesthetics or you might be completely dillusional and she simply is looking at those dumbbells you're using. It's not because you're lifting that your sex appeal increased tenfold man, but I feel you every single one of us will ask themselves that.

3. Why is she wearing makeup

I know, we will find you more attractive when you are actually training for I don't know what reason, but if you spend an hour at the gym and your makeup is still perfect, might as well go to the bar next time.

4. Jesus Christ, did you see that deadlift

The feeling when you spot a woman deadlifting or squatting more than your max and doing a few reps with it can be described as a boner filled with cold blooded fear.

5. She's doing on purpose

Ok. There is a 80% chance you are a paranoid perv, but if you are right, nothing is more gratifying than seeing this fit girl bringing a kettlebell 3 feet in front of your bench and doing deep sumo squats. On top of that, your benchpress will temporarily improve tremendously.

6. Thank God I put some sweatpants on

The last thing you want when you finally see the fitness loving girl of your dreams is her noticing that your wrists are thicker than your calves. Your chest is out this world, I know, so who needs to do legs, right? Right..? Just kidding squat like there's no tomorrow.

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