Since Justsquad is fully supporting gender equality, we believe Women's Day is a terrific opportunity for all fellow women to show the world how powerful, strong, and beautiful they can be. Let's not forget that if this day exists, it's actually because awful things happened in the past and some of them are still happening in 2017.

To celebrate this day, here are a couple of myths often believed when it comes to chest workouts for girls. Let's not lie to ourselves, a chest workout is often mesmerizing and most of the time, we don't really know where to start without a good training program.

Chest exercises will firm my breast

Chest muscles are actually underneath the soft part of a woman's breast. Training your chest will indeed tone all the muscles around your chest but won't make your breasts firmer. Remember, as weird as it might sound, the soft part of breasts are masses of fat.

It will shrink my chest

Extreme diets are actually what makes you have a more flat-looking chest since you reduce your body fat percentage. As previously mentioned, building your chest muscle is all about making stronger what's under the actual breast section you don't want to lose.

Photo credits : Sascha Kohlmann

Adding weights is useless

Many women like to include floor exercises. Those aren't bad, but it won't give many results beside burning a couple of calories. Weights give you the opportunity to try various exercises and find your favourite ones. Also, adding weights will shorten your workouts yet make you burn as many calories if not more.

Truth is you can't get stronger by repeating the same exercises 40 times without making it more challenging for your body. Dumbbells are actually a lot more fun than you might think!

Losing femininity

This is a very popular myth that needs to be debunked. Training with weights, especially when training your chest, will not make you huge. I promise.

Gaining mass is all about nutrition and strength training. Adding weights to a workout doesn't automatically make it a strength training. Actually, training with additional pounds will help you lose yours. A strong woman is not what most people imagine. Even if strength comes from the inside, being physically strong will reduce all stubborn fat mass you tried so hard to wipe away.

And seriously, what is femininity? Not looking strong? This is absolutely stupid.

I'll look weird doing bench press at the gym

Believe me, you will not. And honestly, who cares beside all the girls you'll make jealous? :)

Featured image credits : Kheel Center

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