On your long road to fitness, it is almost certain you will suffer from some kind of loss of motivation. Sucks, right? What is worse than losing interest in your progression when you have spent such an important amount of time to get to your current level? Your cellphone dying after receiving a text message from your crush without having time to read it might be the only scenario worthy of being called worse. Here are 3 easy ways to keep your motivation stable throughout the year.

Keeping a lift journal

Okay. This is not your average “dear diary”. Having this journal might actually save your from premature laziness at the gym and will even help you push further. Grab a small journal, and for each day of your current workout program at the gym, dedicate a sheet for it. Write the exercises without taking much space, then write the weight used for each of them. As you progress and your weights become too light for an exercise in relation to its rep range, scratch the weight and write the current load next to it. By using this method, not only you won’t forget the weights you were using last session, but your progression is now clear on paper, which helps you building confidence and motivation by realizing the fruit of your efforts are paying off.

Get on the scale

Your short term goal being cutting down fat or bulking up your muscle mass is not relevant. Pick a day you know you are getting up at home at approximately the same time as you usual, use your journal and write down your weight in your complete and beautiful nakedness after your morning chit chat with the toilet bowl. The following week under the same circumstances, write down your weight and compare it the previous week’s result.

A good rule of thumb for the average person is if you are bulking, you should aim for a gain from 0.5 to 1 lbs, and if you are cutting, aim for about 1 lbs. Gaining more will result in a higher probability of stacking fat, and cutting down more may result in losing a bit of muscle mass.

By using this tool so dreadfully disregarded by fear, you may even get better at dieting while being rewarded with satisfaction when you weight readings are in your target bounds.

Broaden the squad

The easiest way to retain or increase your current motivation level is to find a gym buddy, a swole mate, a fellow citizen of Gainsville. What is better than training towards your goals and pushing your limits beside someone who has the same thirst for progress as you? Not only your gym’s testosterone-o-meter will reach record high readings, but your plateaus are more likely to be broken as positive competition makes wonders. Just listen to your body and do not try to impress, your tendons may not appreciate your sudden need to push the envelope only to prove your superiority in strength using sub-par form.

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