They say the best things in life are free. They say the best way to achieve something is to work your butt off for it, to put your soul into what makes you believe life is beautiful. Many will say time is money, so nothing is free. I gotta agree with the fact that you have to work in order to pay for food, shelter, and entertainment. But what if working were to become fulfilling your dreams, undergoing utterly challenging situations, diving into the unknown, exploring new possibilities. I mean, the only things you really need is a point A, a point B, and what's between these points; a dream.

The sun exists even if you don't see it

We all have gloomy days. We all have this one thing stressing us out so easily we'd only want it to go away. Always remember these nightmares are also dreams you want to wake-up from. Since you probably need to trace a line between your nightmares and your good dreams, it can't hurt to find a way to isolate yourself from all of these dreams. That doesn't mean to become stoical, emotionless. Indeed, we're talking about a passion that is not to become your job.

Find love through passions

Both humans and some animals can have feelings for objects and situations. For instance, dogs can like some of their toys more than the other ones, and the moment the dog gets a new toy, it'll decide which one it prefers. Most athletes already found love through what makes them want to wake up on cold winter mornings and chase their dream. But that's the same for artists, travellers, scientists, constructors; name it. Once you start realizing how much working hard pays back, never will you ever want to spend a single second without looking ahead and seeing how amazing your own future can be.

Two is better than one

Living the life you deserve is something. Having the opportunity to live or share it with someone else is a countless times more out of this world. It can be a friend, it can be family, it can be your special someone; it can be anyone who's as absolutely wonderful as you are. Being able to talk to someone about what you do, what you like, even if this entire person does not participate in your activities, just having someone to share how much you're in love with what you do will probably make them fall in love with you.

 Once you discover what you like...

...everything becomes it. Anyone with a passion can relate. Let's say for example you like Physics, then you'll see equations everywhere. If you like Soccer, you'll picture balloons and nets all over the place, if you like hiking, you'll analyse anything that is climbable. And when you start training, you notice every single details of a human body, you become aware that you are what you eat, you play the "is he all-natural?" game, you become proud of your dinners and suppers, and the best thing is other people can relate and guess what-- you actually make friends out of this. Even if you like to train alone, it's always fun to have someone to talk to out of the gym about you know, how you couldn't see your life without training anymore. And that is also true about any other passion. It's really all about living it to the fullest.


A dream is something your brain does while sleeping in REM (rapid eye movement) phase. Once you wake up, it's up to you. You can either wait for the next time you go to bed to live this dream again, or stand tall, take off your slippers, put on some clothes and become a freaking legend.

Remember, they say the best way to achieve something is to work your butt off for it, to put your soul into what makes you believe life is beautiful.

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