We all know working out is good for our health. It can help reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases, or drop some pounds and combat health conditions like high blood pressure. But did you know it can also greatly improve your sex life? Exercise will not only strenghten you up, but it can also help increase your flexiblity and stamina in bed. Getting physical will increase the pleasure for you and your partner in bed. Also, any exercise that gets your heart to beating harder can improve your blood flow, which is a perk for you and your parter. Stronger erections for men and greater arousal for women. So if your sex life isn't what you think it should be, try these ''sexercises".

The plank: the plank is a great exercise because it works your entire core but also your shoulders, arms, lats, hips and thighs. It helps you learn how to stabilize your body and develop the ability to stay closer to your partner for when it counts.

Swimming: great to build endurance, strength and to increase blood flow. It also burns some serious amount of calories helping anyone drop a few pounds. If you didn't know, having extra pounds of fat on your body means lower libido level.

Exercises for women

The inchworm: this exercise is great because it helps develop your agility, core and body strength. But it also helps to loosen up your body. So next time you're in bed you can feel all these ''oh my god'' sensations everywhere.

Side to side lunges: this exercise doesn't only allow you to develop your lower body strenght. It is great to increase your mobility and flexibility so your partner will find your spot (the one starting with a G) almost everytime.

Good mornings: these will develop your lower back muscles which are full of sensitive nerve endings. Those nerves will increase your pleasure if you make them work stronger.

Hinges: not only does it help to develop your back muscles to,  but hinges teachs you how to lean back and hold yourself in a favorable position. Leaning back correctly will make it much easier for your partner to stimulate your clitoris.

Exercises for men

Medecine ball pushups: These are great at developping your balance and upper body strength. She might enjoy feeling your body on top and close to her, but that doesn't mean you can let all you weight rest on her. A weak or tired upper body can lead to some strain on your lower back and this doesn't translate to good times for both you and your partner.

V-Sit: This abdominal exercise is great at developing your hips and abs strength. To perform this exercise you will need power from your hips flexors/thrusts and stronger thrusts... greater orgasms and more enjoyable ride for both of you.

Lying bridge: great to develop your glutes, lower back, core and hips strength. Whenever she's on top, it will provide her great support and more pleasure to both of you.

Featured image credit : Michael Kelly

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