Will it sound crazy if I answer squat more when you ask what should you do to have better biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, back and abs development? Yeah, I get where you are coming from, but I am far from crazy, to the contrary, this is almost garanteed to work for many of you. If the back squat or front squat is not part of your training regimen, this will make you reconsider your current workout routine.

A cup of T

No, you will not receive tea while squatting, but a small testosterone boost. When you use resistance training and work on muscles composed of many muscle fibers, your body releases a bigger dose of testosterone than smaller muscles. These larger muscles are quads, hamstrings, glutes and your whole back.

Here are the benefits of testosterone:

  1. Maintaining / gaining muscle mass
  2. Maintaining /gaining strength
  3. Sex drive and in-bed performance
  4. Keeping low body fat
  5. Better bone, blood and heart health
  6. Overall happier mood patterns

In order to take advantage of those perks of squatting, you must do the exercise in the proper rep range. It is a lot more efficient for testosterone development to squat in the strength range, which is 2-5 repetitions per set; a good rule of thumb for the number of sets you do is between 3 and 5.

Foutain of youth

The other factor of squatting in the same rep range as mentioned above to create a favorable environment to secrete more testosterone, is higher levels of human growth hormones. When you workout, your muscle fibers actually tear down and need repair, which will make them bigger. Human growth hormones, know as HGH, are your main ally for rebuilding tissue.

Those are most popular advantages of higher HGH levels:

  1. Keeping low body fat
  2. Better sleep quality
  3. Muscle recovery and promoted protein synthesis
  4. Better looking skin and hair
  5. More energy
  6. bone, heart and kidney health

Some say that if your growth hormone levels didn't drop (they drop as you get older), your lifespan would greatly increase and you would have a higher chance to live to you 120's, so what is your reason not to boost it?

The bottom line

Testosterone working in relation with human growth hormones are huge factors of anabolism, weight-loss and overall health and fitness performances. Using dense muscles such as your legs, core and back can trigger your system to release more of those two hormones into your bloodstream, making your other muscle groups grow too (you must train them during the week though, you won't get insane arms or shoulders by just squatting). Squats and deadlifts are the perfect exercises to trigger this wonderful side-effect, experiment with them by doing them once, twice or three times a week and log the outcome!

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