First of all, don't read that if you are in a bad mood. Remember that this article is meant to be funny, not offensive. If you recognize yourself in one of those stereotypes, well #sorrynotsorry!

The person who sweats too much without cleaning

Sweating in a gym is okay. Normal. It's the good place for that. But, please, clean. If you sweat so much that it looks like you took a shower, don't forget your towel and use it to clean the machines you are using.

The guy who makes enough noise to wake up Satan

A scientific study showed that throwing your weights on the floor doesn't develop any more muscles. So, seriously, stop it. Now, don't go with the usual "Try to lift heavy weights to see how you'll act". Well, I do, so start acting like someone who knows how to live in society.

And by the way, screaming at every rep as if someone was stabbing you isn't fun either. Everybody hates it. I know, you are not there to make friends. But, like I said earlier, start acting like someone who knows how to live in society.

The girl who looks too sexy

Girls. I know that most of you like to look amazing. Remember : you are in a gym. It's not a fitness photo shoot. Yes, little clothing (such as tank top and mini short) can be comfortable. And, I understand that you can be proud of your body, but you don't need to show all that skin, and you really don't need that perfume and make up. Just keep in mind : you are not there to give a show. Other gym members are trying to concentrate on their workouts (especially guys).

The one who does crossfit

Theirs always one person in the gym who does crossfit. We all know one. There's no shame about that. Just don't act like the Satan guy. If there is no bumper plate, don't drop your bar. And, please, if there's only 2 squat racks, don't use one for 1h30. Someone else wants to use it. Don't become the one who doesn't share.

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The one who doesn't share

Don't stay on a machine for 45 minutes. Don't use 18 dumbbells at a time, and, really, don't say "No you can't have one I need them all". F off.

On Mondays, the bench is used a lot. Don't stay there for your entire workout. At least, agree to do rotations and share if someone asks you to. There's always a way to not being an asshole. Please try your best.

The steroid user who loves himself too much

Here, I'm not saying that steroid is bad and I'm now judging the ones who are using them. I'm just saying : stop the bragging. Yes, you are huge. Yes, your abs are impressive. Yes, you lift very heavy. But aside from you, who really cares? Nobody. Keep the shirt on (wear a real shirt, please) and stop disturbing everyone with your loud talking and your constant flexing in front of the mirror.

The guy who only does half reps with a shitty form because he obviously takes too heavy

The title says it all. You think you look cool with your heavy ass weight? Nah. Anybody that knows a little about gym thinks you are just a show off. Yeah, okay, a 1RM is very heavy. Or the last 1 or 2 reps of a set. But if you always look like shit when you train, please, ask a trainer.

The person who puts way too much perfume

Boys or girls. One time, when I was changing in the locker room, a guy spread 3 long tracks of Axe on his body, than came back 1 minute after to put some more. Dude, you stink. Even more now.

The guy who knows everything but looks like nothing

I know, you don't have to look huge to give advice. That's not my point. It's more like "don't tell me that I shouldn't squat pass the parallel when you don't look like you even lift." First off, you go squat. And then you prove me that you don't even lift *face palm*.

The chicken legs

What's less attractive than a muscular guy with chicken legs (other than a crappy personality, but that's another topic)? Nothing! Guys, please, train your legs. Bad genetics? Train your legs harder.

The person who comes everyday and looks exactly the same as 2 years ago

Enough said. You don't even have any kind of results. Do something. Go see a trainer!

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