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The Conservatives Took A Deep Dive Into A Liberal Candidate's Twitter & Things Got Heated

They are drawing attention to a series of past-tweets.

With just days to go before Canada’s polling stations close, things are continuing to heat up on social media between Canada’s major parties. In particular, things are getting pretty intense this weekend over on the Conservative Party Canada official Twitter page, where liberal candidate Adam Van Koeverden's old tweets were just unearthed by the Conservatives.

In a pretty extensive Twitter thread beginning on Saturday morning, the official Conservative Party Twitter page took aim at former Olympian and federal candidate Adam Van Koeverden, who is the Liberal representative for the riding of Milton, Ontario.

In their tweets, the Conservative Party seem to suggest that Van Koeverden is an NDP supporter, despite being a Liberal candidate. In their first tweet, the CPC wrote, “Today Trudeau is campaigning with @vankayak who enthusiastically supports the NDP."

In a follow-up post, sharing a tweet of Van Koeverden’s from 2015, the CPC continued, “@Vankayak would be right at home in the Trudeau-NDP coalition since he wants to legislate against pipeline development.”

Shortly after, the Conservative Party shared an additional two controversial tweets from Van Koeverden’s account, dating back from 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The party continued, “@Vankayak deleted his tweets because he didn’t want Canadians to see the time he used a sexist slur in reference to women who live in Virginia.”

Before adding, “@Vankayak also tells those he disagrees with to kill themselves. What does he say to the thousands of people who disagree with him in Milton?”

Despite the potentially inflammatory nature of some of the old tweets, many of the responses to the CPC’s posts were critical of the Conservative party, rather than of Van Koeverden.

One Canadian responded to say, “Ah yes. Because digging back into what someone said 8+ years ago as indication of what they believe today is definitely a strategy Andrew Scheer should endorse."

Another shared a similar opinion, adding, “Hehehe. Digging back to 2011 eh? Well that's some high level desperation right there."

Narcity reached out to Adam Van Koeverden for a response to the Conservative Party’s comments. This article will be updated once we receive a response.

With the election now just days away, this leadership race is certainly getting heated!

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