Let's face it: Black Friday shopping can be down right overwhelming. You have to wake up super early, wait in long lines and make your way through crowds of people that are all fighting for the same products. This year, it may not feel worth it for a TV or a new iPhone. However, if you're looking for a Black Friday deal that's sure to be more exciting (and much, much cuter), you should think about adopting a pet in Georgia this holday season. 

You really can't get a better deal than the Black Friday discount that LifeLine Animal Project is advertising. LifeLine Animal Project manages animal services for both Fulton and DeKalb counties, and it's offering free dog and cat adoptions during the days after Thanksgiving.

You can take advantage of this amazing deal from Friday, Nov. 29, through Monday, Dec. 2. It's not something you'll want to miss out on if you're looking for a new furry friend.

Don't worry about the costs for microchipping or spaying/neutering your new pet, either. These fees are also going to be waived during this Black Friday deal, so you have no excuse not to go out and find the pup or kitten of your dreams.

There are four different shelters in Fulton and DeKalb counties that are participating in this Black Friday event. They include the LifeLine Community Animal Center, the LifeLine Cat Adoption Center, DeKalb County Animal Services and Fulton County Animal Services.

Whether you're more social and outgoing and want to look for a dog or you're more interested in picking out a cat who will just chill with you, there are so many amazing animals to choose from at these shelters.

Make sure to check out the older animals too (if you want a calmer companion, that's definitely the way to go). Do something to give back this Black Friday, and adopt a furry friend who's looking for a new home.

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