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This Adult Playground In South Georgia Is The Perfect Place To Spend The Summer

Start planning your summer adventures now.

Having a fun, unique outdoor spot to hang out during the warmer months is what fuels us Southerners. If you live in Georgia, there are plenty of these spots like Ponce City Market, the new Savannah Riverfront District and even The Battery Suntrust Park. Now this new adult playground in Georgia will be one of the best places to hang out during this summer. 

Starland Yard in Savannah, Georgia's Starland District has boomed since its opening in the summer of 2019. It's an area made strictly out of shipping containers with beautiful murals on each one to give it an artsy feel.

The venue is a place to gather, eat, drink and socialize. It's completely free to hang out here, but there are trendy spots to purchase food and drinks.

It's also considered a food truck park because in addition to the restaurant and bar they have on-site, they invite up to three food trucks daily to set up shop during business hours.

The parks' venues are all set up on one central payment system, so when you walk into the yard, you'll start a tab and you won't have to continuously take your card out.

All you have to do is tell them your name and when you're ready to leave the yard, you'll close out and pay.

The restaurant they have on-site is called Vittoria Pizzaria. You can order specialty pizzas and even classic Italian dishes. There are plenty of places to eat around the restaurant, or you can eat outside at the many tables around the yard.

The Yard Bar has all types of beer and cocktails you can order and indulge on. You can choose to drink at the bar and watch TV or head up to the overlook balcony that has the perfect floral wall for cute pics.

Corn hole and bocce ball will be calling your name and after a few drinks and you can compete against your friends for some friendly competition. 

Starland Yard 

Price: Free

Address: 2411 DeSoto Ave., Savannah, GA

Why You Need To Go: This shipping container yard is the perfect place to hang out with a bar, a restaurant and plenty of photo opts. 

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