A Canadian High School Is Finally Offering 'Adulting' Classes To Teach Students Life Skills

Students are finally learning skills that will help them in the real world.
Ontario Editor
A Canadian High School Is Finally Offering 'Adulting' Classes To Teach Students Life Skills

As a Grade 12 student, you are finally one year away from being able to enter into the real world and start your dream career path. Yet, you are also one year away from being forced to fend for yourself in a world that you quickly find out you don't really know anything about. After graduation, many students find that their Algebra and history skills don't really prepare them for the real world of budgeting and taxes. That's why one high school in Ontario is now offering 'adulting classes' to teach their students life skills that they will need after they leave the world of the public school system. 

According to CBC, E.J. Lajeunesse High School in Windsor is taking the right steps to ensure that their students won't feel lost in the adult world when they graduate and move forward in their lives. More than 100 of their students are currently taking courses and learning life skills that will help them prepare for being an adult.

One of the skills that this high school is focusing on teaching their students is financial planning. This includes mandatory skills such as how to budget and how to maintain your credit cards. 

Another important skill that they are teaching their students is cooking for one. If you're anything like me, attempting to cook pasta for yourself for the first time can be daunting and you can actually accidentally end up with a serving size for 12. The school is teaching its students a variety of easy cooking skills including five meals that you can make with one rotisserie chicken. 

Home maintenance and car maintenance are also other adult skills that these students are learning. Things like how to patch a hole in the drywall, use power tools, check your car oil, and change a tire are important skills that every adult should conquer before they go and live on their own (or with six other roommates). 

Clothing is also another important topic when it comes to finally being forced to be an adult. How to sort your laundry, iron your interview shirts and sew on a new button are all skills that you're going to need once you can't pawn off all your laundry on your mother anymore. Thankfully they are all skills the school is teaching.

Finally, E.J. Lajeunesse is also teaching their students how to manage stress. We all know that moving into the adult world directly after high school can be stressful, and it's important to discover ways to make this stress more bearable. 

If only they had these "adulting classes" when I was in high school. It would have made my first year of university a whole lot easier. 

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