As an avid runner or someone who loves to just get outside, it is difficult to find trails that are paved and not so deep into the woods. This greenway opened not too long ago in Suwannee, GA and to say this is a scenic trail is an understatement. It is a trail that everyone will enjoy and you need to check it out at least once. 

The Ivy Creek Greenway is located in George Pierce Park and is only 2.5-miles round trip. This greenway connects to  Suwanee Greenway, so you can extend your adventure for a few more miles if you wanted to. 

There are long boardwalks that go over the massive wetland in this city. If you are lucky, you might even see some wildlife if you stop and look out to the swampy area surrounding you. 

There is just something about a wooden boardwalk that makes us want to venture. Whether it reminds you of a beach, or if it is just pleasing to the eye, we all love a good boardwalk. That is where your run/walk will begin on this greenway. 

The sound of the water-filled wetland and the birds chirping around it will give you a sense of tranquility while you are getting your workout on. You will eventually get off of the boardwalk, but the trail will still be a paved one the rest of the way. 

You will enter a canopy forest for a short period and be met with another boardwalk. This time, there will be specific viewing platforms so you can take in the scenic views and not be in anyone's way. 

Whatever type of hiker or runner you are, there is something for you on this trail. You can control how far you want to go and you get amazing scenic views during your journey. There are more trails that lead to waterfalls in this area if you are looking for a quick day trip to take at the end of summer. 

Ivy Creek Greenway

Price: Free! 

Address: 55 Buford Highway, Suwanee 30024

Why you should go: You will be surrounded by wetlands that are filled with wildlife. There are boardwalks and paved trails that you can run or walk on.