If you live in Georgia, then you know that house prices are constantly on the rise. If you already own a home and are looking to sell, that's not a problem. Most millennials struggle to find affordable housing in Georgia, especially if they want to buy a home of their own so grabbing this coverted school bus is the best deal ever.

One solution is to look at smaller homes - much smaller. That's why so many young people are attracted to tiny homes. Most of the time, they afford you all the space you need. On top of that, you can't deny how trendy and cute they are. This converted school bus tiny home may just be an adventurous first-time home buyer's dream come true.

Coming in at only 120-square-feet, it's certainly small, but it really does have everything you need. The built-in bathroom is a also big plus as that's not something you'll find in your average converted vehicle.

Since this home is a bus, it's totally mobile. Therefore, if you have dreams of a digital nomad type of life, this is the perfect solution. Drive to your favorite National Park or stick to the big city: With this home, the choice is totally up to you.

The best part about this tiny home is the fact that it's not going to break your bank to buy it. The purchase price is only $24,000. That kind of deal is hard to beat, especially when you are buying your very first home.

One thing is for sure: If you decide to purchase this home, you are definitely going to have one of the most unique living situations among your friend group.

Converted School Bus Tiny House

Price: $24,000

Address: Lilburn, Georgia

Description: This former school bus has been transformed into a small but adorable tiny house.

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