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This Tiny Home Resort Near A Famous Florida Beach Is Surprisingly Affordable

We spy a BFF beach weekend in our future.

When planning a Florida vacay, one of the most stressful things to worry about is the price of lodging. One of the best ways to cut down on costs is to plan a weekend getaway with the BFFs and split the bill. The Tiny House Resort might just have the affordable rentals in Florida you and your friends have been looking for.

The tiny house craze has been sweeping across the nation and has found its way to Florida. We see a lot of them pop up as rentals that offer an alternative stay to a hotel — typically at a fraction of the cost — and a bit more private feeling too.

The Tiny House Vacation Resort currently has 14 tiny's to choose from, sleeping anywhere between 2 and 6 people each — more than half of their rental options sleep 4 or more people & 11 are pet-friendly, so you can even bring your pupper along for an adventure.

Staying in a tiny house gives all the amenities of a home but away from home, which is perfect for further cutting food costs when traveling. Each tiny has water, electricity and AC, a kitchen with stove & refrigerator, a bathroom, and other extras like a t.v. for a late-night movie with some popcorn.

Every rental looks surprisingly spacious too with open concept designs and follow their own unique theme. You can grab your boo for a stay for 2 in "The Seashell" or grab all your besties for one of the 6 people stays like the "Aqua Oasis" or the colorful "Margarhita" below.

A few of the 4 & 5 guest tiny's look like adorable little lifeguard stands coming in red, blue, green, and yellow.

The Resort sits just across the bridge from one of America's best beaches, Siesta Key. You can swim, snorkel, or watch the sunset with your BFFs or it would make a super romantic date escape idea if you're going with one of the 2-guest stays.

You're also not far from Sarasota, which has a ton of things to do. Grab a bite to eat & watch the sunset while sipping cocktails at a secluded beachside tiki bar, admire a floral oasis, traverse the jungles at a botanical garden, sip booze & cruise the seas on a floating tiki boat bar, or head indoors to bounce around at a new adult-friendly inflatable theme park that even has an indoor rail coaster.

Each tiny starts at $150 per night, with price reductions or increases coming into play depending on the season and demand. Even at the $150 price, one of the 6 person tiny's would still be super affordable at only $25 each per night. A stay for 6 from Oct. 25th to Oct. 27th is running for $355.04 right now after taxes and fees — which would be just under $60 each for a weekend getaway.

We spy a beachy BFF getaway in our future. Time to start planning. An overview of the Tiny House Vacation Resort's details can be seen below.

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Go Siesta Vacation Rentals Tiny Home Resort

Price Per Night: Start at $150 per night, with price reductions & increases applying depending on season & demand. Even at the $150 price, most rentals sleep 6, which only makes it $25 per person when splitting costs.

Address Or Neighborhood: 6600 Avenue A, Sarasota, FL 34231, just across the bridge from Siesta Key Beach.

Why You Need To Go: Tons of cute rentals super close to the beach. Affordable prices as most of the tiny's sleep upwards to 5-6 people, making splitting costs a great option. Most of the resort's tiny homes are also pet-friendly, so you can bring your pupper with you.

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