Canadian Man Believes He's Incredibly Lucky After Finding Over 350 Four-Leaf Clovers & Surviving 15 Near-Death Experiences

One BC local sure is a lucky man. An Agassiz, BC resident has found over 350 four-leaf clovers to date! However, he isn’t just keeping all the luck to himself. He is spreading it around in hopes of making the world a better place. 

Walt Hardinge is an Agassiz, British Columbia resident who has been collecting and finding four-leaf clovers for nearly his entire life. In an interview with Narcity, Hardinge said that he has collected a total of 370. 

So how does a person get lucky enough to find one, let along hundreds? According to Hardinge, he has been collecting four-leaf clovers since he was age 11. Apparently, it came naturally to him, because at 11-years-old, he found 11 clovers.

In one day, Hardinge once found 42 clovers, which is the most he has ever found at a time. He has even found eight-leaf clovers on more than one occasion. 

Hardinge said that these clovers have help give him good luck several times as he has survived over 15 near-death experiences including car accidents, a drowning accident, and even being run over by a car!

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When asked how he finds all these good luck charms, Hardinge explained that sometimes his dog finds them. “I’m just there to pick them up, which is how this all started. Jackie will stop somewhere and I’ll just be looking around and I happened to notice things seem out of place," he said.

Hardinge calls it “recall visual discernment”, which he explains is when your eye is automatically drawn to something that doesn’t belong.

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He told Narcity that he typically finds the clovers when he takes his dog, Jackie, for walks. There are several routes that he and Jackie take around town and all of them have been home to one or more four-leaf clovers. 

While the two no doubt enjoy their walks and luck together, Hardinge believes in sharing the luck. According to Hardinge, he keeps about a dozen four-leaf clovers for himself. The others he laminates and gives away to friends or people he meets. “The look of amazement in people’s faces when I give them one is truly amazing," he said. 

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He strongly believes in paying it forward. Hardinge explains it like this:

“To make the world a better place, instead of paying people back you pay it forward, and that means that you do something special for three other people and they do something special for three other people and when you work out the mathematics of the this, it makes the world a better place.”

It looks like the four-leaf clovers have fallen into the right hands.