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This Open Letter To Air Canada Is Equal Parts Hilarious And Painful

This guy did not have a good flight.
Air Canada Complaints Hit A New Level In This Traveller's Open Letter

A lot of people have had their own bad travel experiences, but not all of them share their thoughts with the companies that ruined their trip. One man, however, has made his own grief public in an open letter to Air Canada. There have been Air Canada complaints in the past, but few live up to the anger (and humour) of this particular correspondence.

James Asquith, founder and CEO of Holiday Swap, has definitely done his fair share of travelling. He is actually the youngest person to have visited all 196 countries.

With this track record, one can assume he's the kind of person who would definitely know what constitutes a bad flight, and in his open letter, he really lays into just how bad his Air Canada experience was.

Asquith first admits that the flight wasn't the worst he's ever experienced, but that "it was evident that the experience would be truly miserable long before I stepped foot on your rustbucket flying trash can with wings."

Asquith then goes on to say that he found the best seat on the plane to be the toilet.

The open letter takes shots at the cost of headphones, the veal served as an in-flight meal (which Asquith describes as "one of the worst things I have ever put in my mouth"), and the exorbitant cost of upgrading to business class on a plane that Asquith did not plan to fly on (he writes that his flight was changed from a 787 to an A330).

"Hopefully it will be another 8 years before I fly on Air Canada again, but my schedule tells me that I have another flight with your airline in less than 24 hours," Asquith writes. "I know, I can almost hear your metaphorical gasp - pray for James."

While Asquith notes that he never likes to ask for special treatment, he did request that Air Canada run him over with the plane a few times to knock him out before his flight.

There was yet another special request in Asquith's letter.

He asked that by way of apology, Air Canada should donate $1000 to help koala bears who are threatened by Australia's wildfires. Asquith also said he would match the donation

In response to his letter, Air Canada offered Asquith a $500 flight voucher, which he auctioned off on his Instagram, donating the proceeds to wildfire relief.

jamesasquithtravel | Instagram

The letter goes into further detail about just how bad the experience was for Asquith, with all its humour stemming from outrage. 

This has made it popular on social media. Asquith's post has been liked almost 16,000 times as of publication.