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Massive Air Canada Glitch Causes Delays And Cancellations Across North America (VIDEO)

A system-wide technical issue grounded Air Canada flights across North America.
Massive Air Canada Glitch Causes Delays And Cancellations Across North America (VIDEO)

Air Canada's airport systems, check-in and call centres are now "beginning to come back online" after a prolonged technical problem caused dozens of flight delays and cancellations. Airline authorities became aware of the massive Air Canada glitch on Tuesday night. Air Canada passengers were frustrated to learn that the system-wide technical problem would continue to affect flights into Wednesday.

The airline states that even though the system issue is in the midst of being resolved, travellers may still encounter delays and cancellations. 

"We intend to operate our full schedule today plus five extra flights and some upgauged flights (larger than normal aircraft) in order to move customers affected last night," Air Canada spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick wrote in an email to CBC News this morning.

"There were a small number of flights cancelled this morning due to aircraft being out of position this morning due to last night's cancellations, but overall we are anticipating a normal day."

Air Canada passengers documented the chaos on social media, reporting that they were stranded in cities across North America. Just prior to 10:30 PM last night, Air Canada tweeted that the airline was working to resolve the issue. Finally, several hours later, it was confirmed that the systems were coming back online.  

A statement from Air Canada to CBC News explained, "We're still expecting some flight delays and cancellations, but we are working hard to move as many customers as possible this evening and we are putting on additional capacity to transport customers affected tonight on flights tomorrow."

According to Robin Smith, a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, the technical glitch shut down the system from approximately 9 PM on Tuesday to 12:20 AM on Wednesday. Smith also explained that the GTAA temporary removed the nighttime flying restrictions for Air Canada flights that had been delayed due to the technical issue.

CTV News points out that as many as two dozen Air Canada flights were affected by the technical glitch at Toronto's airport. Air Canada flights out of Calgary, Vancouver and New York's LaGuardia Airport were delayed as well.

Air Canada recommends that all travellers monitor the status of their flight before they make their way to the airport.  The airline also apologized for the inconvenience.