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Air Transat Complaint Filed After Family Removed From Flight Due To Coughing Child

The spread of coronavirus has people worried, and extra precautions are being taken everywhere. However, this has resulted in difficulties for at least one family. Their Air Transat complaint is in regards to how they were removed from a flight because of their coughing child.

Clementine Ferraton wrote in a Facebook post that she and her family were boarding a plane to fly from Quebec to Paris, France on Sunday, February 23.

Her child, Lila, had been sick with a cold, but after seeing a doctor and being given antibiotics in case her sickness got worse, the family headed to the airport.

Once they were on the plane, the trouble began. The flight attendant asked Clementine if her daughter had been cleared by a doctor to travel.

She was also told that people were complaining about the child's coughing.

"I tell him we saw one this morning but no it's not enough," Ferraton wrote in the post, originally written in French, "We find a doc among the passengers. He examined her."

Ferraton said the doctor determined Lila was alright to fly and even told the flight crew the same thing.

However, the crew made the decision to consult Medical Link, who said it would be unsafe for Lila to fly.

Clementine and her family were asked to leave the plane.

"I hear it's kindness for our child (I think that's what pissed me off as if I was putting my child at risk honestly!" Ferraton wrote.

According to her post, she and her family were escorted away by a customs agent and were not given the chance to speak with anyone from Air Transat customer service.

Since the incident, Air Transat has refunded the cost of the family's tickets.

As for Lila, Clementine offered a heartfelt reassurance at the end of her Facebook post, writing "This morning Lila is still doing very well, she still doesn't have the coronavirus ;)."