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Air Transat Is Having A Massive Sale On Flights Across Canada Right Now

Canadians looking to explore their country will be delighted with Air Transat's spring sale, which offers affordable domestic flights for under $299.

Multiple major Canadian cities are possible destinations and there are 20,000 seats available for booking. Check out a few of the special deals below:

  • Calgary - Edmonton: $93
  • St John - Halifax: $137
  • Toronto - Vancouver-: $199
  • Toronto - Montreal: $110
  • Montreal - Calgary: $229
  • Vancouver- Calgary: $114

These offers are only valid for bookings made by April 15, 2018.

For more information, visit

You Should Avoid These Super Busy Canada Flights If You Want A Row All To Yourself

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If you don't like planes packed with people when you travel, you might want to avoid these Canada flights!

According to a new report on the world's busiest international flight routes in October from OAG, an organization that provides insight on airports and airlines, three routes with stops in Canada are some of the busiest in North America.

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These Cheap Flights From Vancouver Will Take You Across Canada For Under $150 Next Month

You can't even buy groceries as cheap as some of these flights!

If you're looking for a long weekend break, or you've got vacation to use up before the end of the year, here are some of the cheapest flights out of Vancouver International Airport in November.

There are some great flight prices if you can be flexible on the dates you travel, according to Skyscanner. Many more flight options and timings are also available.

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If you've been dreaming of Europe, look no further. Air Canada's 2022 flight schedule just dropped and there are so many seasonal services to places like Barcelona, Venice, Nice and more.

On Thursday, October 14, the airline announced that it plans to fly to destinations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India next summer, in addition to its year-round services.

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If you've been wondering how to make your vacation as cheap as possible, look no further! These expert travel hacks and tips explain how to get value for money when booking a trip, including the best time to book flights in Canada.

On October 12, Expedia released a report revealing the best time to book airfare, which day of the week to travel and when to splurge and go premium.

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