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You Can Now Book Animal Adventures On Airbnb In Canada & The Activities Are So Cute

You can dance with goats or be a beekeeper for a day in Ontario.

Airbnb has certainly revolutionized the way we travel, and now they're getting into the activity space. Instead of scrolling through homes on Airbnb, you can now browse for animal activities. Airbnb Canada Animal Experiences are now available through the app.

On October 3, Airbnb announced on their website that they were introducing Animal Experiences worldwide. The goal is to help visitors connect with and better understand animals by spending time with them and caring for them.

There are a thousand adorable adventures with over three hundred species of animals on Airbnb right now. The possibilities of these adventures are endless; from hiking with alpacas to searching for a celebrity squirrel

Animal Experiences is backed by a renowned animal welfare policy, developed alongside the World Animal Protection. The policy ensures that the animal's wellbeing is respected and upheld at all times.

The Airbnb experiences are meant to draw guests away from harmful or unethical tourist attractions to mindful, nurturing experiences run by caring experts. Airbnb states that "You will never find an Airbnb Experience where you can kiss a dolphin or ride an elephant."

As you plan your next getaway, check Airbnb to see what animal adventures are available nearby! While international animal adventures range from seal snorkelling to corgi paddleboarding, Canada also has a variety of experiences to choose from.

In Ontario, you can get 'up close and purrsonal' at the Toronto Humane Society, where you'll meet tons of adorable animals and wander through rooms off-limit to the public.

Learn how to be a beekeeper in a wild forest meadow in Owen Sound, and get to taste some delicious wine and cheese after. Dance with adorable goats in Barrie and cuddle them after too!

British Columbia offers some incredible whale watching adventures in Nanaimo, and you can also float down a river surrounded by mountains to view wild eagles in Squamish.

In Montreal, you can play with dogs and eat adorable 'pupcakes' at this cute canine cafe. Take a winter expedition to Whistler and ice fish by the mountains. You can explore more Canadian animal experiences here

Airbnb Animal Experiences

Price: Prices vary depending on the activity.

Why You Need It: Make your next adventure an animal-filled one with these adorable world-wide experiences!