It's better than rain on your wedding day. Alachua County is hosting drive-thru wedding ceremonies for couples who were forced to cancel or reschedule their wedding, offering those a second chance at love. The one-day event is scheduled for April 30.

The closing of nonessential businesses and social distancing rules that mandate groups of less than 10 people to congregate, has made it next to impossible for some engaged couples to have their dream wedding.

That's why the county courthouse has scheduled a night for you and your loved one to officially tie the knot.

"COVID-19 has caused the cancelation of many weddings in the area," the flyer says. "We are currently unable to schedule wedding ceremonies inside the courthouse, but in an effort to safely assist the affected couples, we’ll be doing a night of wedding ceremonies at the drive-thru located at the south side of the Family and Civil Courthouse."

OK, so maybe it's not the ideal ceremony that you've planned, but with the stay-at-home order in effect what else do you have to do that Thursday?

Those interested will have to call in advance to get a wedding time and prepare to pay a $30 ceremony charge.

The festivities are set to begin at 5 p.m. on April 30, though couples should arrive at the location about 15 minutes before their scheduled ceremony.

The only hitch is that you must already have a valid marriage license. So sorry, no shotgun weddings.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has left many couples around the world desperate to find alternatives ways to still have their special ceremony. Leaving some to resort to having zoom weddings.

If you want to have a usual, but definitely memorable ceremony,  maybe it's time to make it official.

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