7 Cheap Last-Minute Cabins You Can Rent In Alberta This Summer

Totally unprepared this summer? I got you 😎
7 Cheap Last-Minute Cabins You Can Rent In Alberta This Summer

Planning summer getaways with friends can be a lot like herding cats. When no one can agree on dates and a budget in time, the summer comes around and all the good places are gone. The good news is that your opportunity for a last-minute summer getaway is here and we've found a bunch of available Alberta cheap cabin rentals that you can still snag this summer.

There's so much that goes into planning a getaway from coordinating schedules, to getting time off work and saving up for a trip. Don't worry about all of that and just grab one of these cabins while you still can. Call in sick, we won't tell anyone, so what are you waiting for? Pack your overnight bag and sneak away for a few days for a spontaneous getaway this summer!

Field House

Price Per Night: $100

Neighbourhood: Calgary

Why you need to go: This getaway is right in the city and it will make you feel like you're in a luxury cabin. It's so easy to fit this getaway into your schedule this summer and it has a bright solarium you'll love.

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Price Per Night: $50

Neighbourhood: Medicine Hat

Why you need to go: You can rent this adorable character house for super cheap! It's perfect for exploring the cute town nearby.

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Fox Lake Retreat

Price Per Night: $158

Neighbourhood: Hanna

Why you need to go: Escape the city and see the expansive blue skies over a blue lake this summer in your lakefront cabin!

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Gingerbread Cabin

Price Per Night: $149 to $278 per night

Neighbourhood: Jasper

Why you need to go: This adorable spot is perfect for exploring Jasper which is just as beautiful and way less crowded than Banff in the summer.

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Woodsy Cabin Getaway

Price Per Night: $179

Neighbourhood: Red Deer County

Why you need to go: This incredible cabin bunkhouse is made for girls getaways and groups of friends to have an incredible time together!

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Summer Cabin By The Lake

Price Per Night: $65

Neighbourhood: Lac La Biche

Why you need to go: Super cheap and right by the lake—it's all you need for a summer getaway!

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Hidden Treehouse Chalet

Price Per Night: $125

Neighbourhood: Kehewin

Why you need to go: This is the cheapest we've ever seen for a treehouse getaway and it's shockingly still available for a lot of the summer so jump on this ASAP.

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