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13 Alberta Drivers Were Charged For Reading While Driving Last Year

Driving under the influence...of great literature.
13 Alberta Drivers Were Charged For Reading While Driving Last Year

Distracted driving laws have changed the way many Canadians drive over the last five years. Though we resisted at first, many of us have changed old habits to avoid fines and save lives. A recent report shows that Alberta distracted driving is still an issue, and we're not just talking about texting.

According to CBC News, 13 Albertan drivers have been fined for reading while driving in the last year. In addition, three people were caught doing personal grooming behind the wheel, one person was writing while driving, 14 people were using GPS devices which are specifically banned in Alberta and even more people were nailed for unspecified activities.

Though Albertans are clearly doing tons of wacky things behind the wheel, it's the reading while driving that's really got us confused. With podcasts and audiobooks readily available, we just don't get it.

Perhaps they were on the final chapter but needed to get to work? Maybe they forgot the name of a fictional character and it'd kill them not to find it out immediately? Or, maybe they're on the way to a date with an especially well-read person who they're hoping to wow with their literary knowledge.

We may never know. What we do know is that it's more common than we thought. People have been tweeting their reading-while-driving sightings and it turns out it's a thing.

We told you it was a thing and these tweets are the proof. The data released by the province last week also outlined which Albertans are the worst for distracted driving.

As it turns out, distracted driving convictions in Calgary have gone down in the last five years. On the flip side, they’ve gone up in Edmonton. Edmonton residents received 83 convictions last year, whereas Calgarians only got 45.

In the lead for Albertan cities for distracted driving convictions is Lethbridge at 105, with Medicine Hat in second place at 95. Calgary is actually sitting at the fewest distracted driving convictions of all the Albertan cities. Way to go, Calgary. 

So, if you just feel like curling up with a good book this fall, just don't do it behind the wheel.

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