An Adorable Dog Found Her Way Back Home After Being Swept Away By A Tornado In Alberta

Get ready for a heartwarming story. Belle, a family dog, found her way home after getting swept away by an Alberta tornado that struck on Thursday near Carmangay. The brave pup came home without any injuries, happily wagging her tail to say hello to her owners, a family who was waiting outside their home, according to The Weather Network

There were several other animals who survived the storm without major injuries on the property. They were all rescued safely, The Weather Network reports. 

Despite the blues that the weather in Alberta has been causing lately, Belle, who by a miracle survived a tornado, brought some warmth to everyone's hearts.  

The tornado was part of the currently insane weather that Alberta has been seeing, with constant thunderstorms and grey clouds. This was also the second tornado warning this week, with the earlier one only four days ago near Corssfield. This first warning did not result in a touch down tornado.

Enviornment Canada gave the tornado a preliminary rating or EF-1, with winds reaching 138-177 km/h. It started out as a severe thunderstorm watch, but it was upgraded to a torando warning around 5 PM.

The tornado destroyed a barn, a local shop building, tossed a bale stacker around 200 meters and caused a tree branch to impale a house, according to Global News

Several photos and videos of the tornado emerged on Twitter. 

The torando alert eventually ended for the area, though the weather remains cloudy and grey. There are still currently weather alerts around Alberta for thunderstroms.

"At 4:56 p.m. MDT, Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of producing very strong wind gusts, up to nickel size hail and heavy rain," reads the warning from Environment Canada. 

Stay safe out there, Albertans! 

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