Some people have ditched the idea of stocking up on toilet paper or hand sanitizer and are now turning towards ammunition and guns. Alberta gun stockpiling is the latest trend to hit local outdoor stores and now, retailers are having to work around the clock to keep up with the demand. 

While officials in Canada told everyone to have an adequate supply of groceries, Canadians have gone a little over the top. 

Everyone has been buying so much toilet paper and hand sanitizer that grocery stores and retailers can't keep the items stocked long enough. 

Now, the latest panic buy is ammunition and guns at outdoor stores. While these retailers carry anything from tents to fishing equipment, they also carry hunting supplies.  

According to CBC News, local outlets in Alberta have had people lining up to get guns and ammunition. But it’s not just the big stores that are seeing an influx in gun purchases. 

Owner of Swamp Donkey Outdoors, Martin Tinney, spoke with CBC about his retail location.

Located just north of Spruce Grove, Tinney says that he has had to work non-stop to keep up with the demand from his patrons. 

He told the news outlet that right now, customers are wanting shotguns and defenders instead of hunting rifles. 

While hunters have been coming into the store for years, Tinney said that he is seeing a shift in clientele. 

His store is now having people come in and buy ammunition due to fears and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. 

Another store, Cabela's, is seeing similar trends. A customer of the retailer told CBC that he waited in line for over 30 minutes to purchase items from the guns and ammunition booth.

According to Cabela’s website, their retailers carry many types of guns including rifles, shotguns, handguns, and even left-handed firearms. 

Some of their gunstock, including rifles and semi-automatic pistols, are currently on sale. 

But it’s not just Alberta — Huffington Post has reported that Canadian gun sales, in general, have spiked due to COVID-19 fears. 

CTV News spoke with Ross Faulkner, owner of The Gun Dealer in McAdam, N.B. who stated that when times get tough, a weapon can be a feeling of security. This, he believes, may be why the purchase rates are rising. 

Though fear may be leading individuals to look into purchasing firearms and ammunition, all provincial and national firearms regulations still apply. 

Furthermore, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken out about people stockpiling, saying that Canadians should only be buying what they need.

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