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Alberta Is Officially The Pettiest Province Ever After Banning BC Wine Over A Pipeline

Tensions are beginning to flare between two provinces and it has resulted in hands down the weirdest protest we've seen in a while. If you are wondering where this is all coming from, let's do a quick recap of what's going on between Alberta and British Columbia right now, it all begins with a pipeline project. 

The pipeline in question is the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline that has been in talks for a while but has also been subject to serious speculation in regards to the environment. While the province of Alberta has been pushing for the project to get the green light, British Columbia has actively opposed the plan. Just last week they had called for a deeper review of the project specifically looking at the risk of an oil spill. 

The result of the request for a review of the project was Alberta halting their talks with British Columbia in regards to buying electricity from the province. Though it seems the province has gone one step further after banning B.C wine just yesterday. Meaning that the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will be putting the red light on any importation of B.C wines. 

It sounds ridiculous but the move is supposed to symbolize something bigger. For Alberta, the energy industry is the beating heart of the province and its economy. For British Columbia, while the wine industry isn't nearly as important in comparison, it's still a pretty big deal for the province. How big of a deal? In 2017 alone Alberta imported a whopping 17.2 million bottles of B.C wine, and 95% of the Canadian wine sold in Alberta was from B.C.

As presumed, the response immediatelyshocked Canadians across the country and sparked the hashtag #PinotNotPipelines in solidarity with B.C: 

Via @uneaurore

Via @MikeHudema

While we doubt the B.C wine ban will last very long, it's definitely the pettiest move we've ever seen come from a province. B.C hasn't responded with any bans of Alberta products but who knows- anything is possible! Which side are you on? 


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