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Alberta Property For Sale Has 2 Stunning Private Lakes & A Huge Country Mansion

It also has an indoor hot tub and sauna.
Alberta Property For Sale Has 2 Stunning Private Lakes & A Huge Country Mansion

Calling all home hunters, both real and imaginative. We may have found the perfect spot for your outdoor dreams to come true. Right now, there is an Alberta property for sale and it has literally everything you need including two private lakes. The country mansion has tons of space to play around and is perfect if you need to get out of that city living. 

Looking at dream homes is one of our guilty pleasures. 

While we may not be able to afford them, it’s so fun to look at what’s for sale should we ever win the lottery. Also, a glimpse into the lives of local folks who live in luxury is endlessly entertaining. 

We did a little digging around and found an adorable country mansion that is for sale right now. 

This place is massive and even sports two of its own private lakes. If you happen to find yourself with a couple of dollars lying around then it could be yours.

This five-bedroom, four full bathroom mansion will cost you a cool $1,490,000. A small price to pay for luxury, no doubt. 

According to the listing posted by RE/MAX, the mansion comes in at a whopping 3,162 square feet and is situated on 26 acres of land. 

Just 10 minutes from Bragg Creek, the grounds of the home are amazing and legitimately have two fully private and secluded lakes. 

One of the lakes is spring-fed while the other is creek-fed.

Needless to say, even your most wild parties here wouldn’t get you a noise complaint. 

But those aren't the only outdoor amenities. There is also a riding ring in case you have horses, a pasture, tons of rustic trails, and enough garages to fit five vehicles. 

Now let’s examine the mansion itself. 

The five-level split has enough room for even your extended family. With a wrap-around porch and huge windows, you will always get scenic views no matter where you are in the house. 

The current style of the house is rustic which is super fitting for the property. 

Don’t worry if it's not your style, you can always change it once you pay the nearly $1.5 million price tag.

With an indoor hot tub, sauna, and games room with a pool table, this place literally has more amities than most hotels. 

The neighbourhood you will be situated in is totally secluded which is so on-brand for right now. 

Not to mention you will be close to all the outdoor actives you could ever need like hiking, fishing, and swimming. 

If you can’t afford this right now, don’t worry. There are tons of properties around Alberta that are actually affordable. 

Until then, we may be stuck dreaming about this fantasy land for a while. 

Aspen Creek Mansion 

Price: $1,490,000

Address: 18 Aspen Creek Dr., Rural Foothills County, AB

Why You Need To Buy: Who needs public beaches when you can literally own two lakes? This place is literally the ultimate summer home.