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Alberta Is Starting To Reopen But Jason Kenney Says Not To 'Let'er Rip'

He said this in response to a question about bars reopening.

Things will be picking back up soon for Albertans. Premier Jason Kenney said on Thursday, April 30 that he and his team have developed a multi-phase approach to the province's "relaunch" in the coming weeks and months. The Alberta reopening plans may have sounded like great news but residents are still being urged to exercise caution and be responsible. 

Kenney delivered his words of caution when a member of the media called in during the press conference to inquire about the state of pubs and nightclubs and whether they would be allowed to open soon.  

As outlined in his report, Jason Kenney had said that the reopening of nightclubs is on the agenda for Stage Three, the stage in which other forms of large gatherings would be allowed. 

But getting to that stage means that Albertans would have successfully moved through the earlier, more-restrictive stages. 

He said that he's counting on Albertans to show him a great civic-minded spirit, personal responsibility, and care for others following these big announcements. 

"If people take this as a license to just let 'er rip, to go out there and congregate in big crowds, ignore the public health rules, forget about washing their hands, and all of the rest of it," he said.

"Well, guess what? We'll probably see a significant spike."

If that does happen, the province will have to come back in and shut everything down again. 

He explained that this is why Albertans need to be practicing the same level of caution that we've been showing for the past couple of months since the COVID-19 restrictions began in the province. 

 "We've been following the numbers," said Kenney about his relaunch strategy. 

Although hospitalization and intensive care number have been going up, they still remain well below the "maximum capacity" of our health care system, he revealed. 

As a result, Kenney and his team feel confident enough to implement some of their relaunch plans as early as Friday, May 1.

Hiking has already been given the go-ahead by the province, and the province has said that some non-urgent services can now also reopen, such as dental practices, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, and others.

Retailers and restaurants will be able to open their doors on May 14, but they will still have to follow public health protocols as issued by the province.

"For our relaunch strategy to succeed, Albertans must be confident in their ability and visit these businesses and services safely," the Premier stated. 

This is why Kenney wants Albertans to know that public health officials will constantly be reviewing and monitoring how we respond to the relaunch.