Alberta Got 25 CM Of Snow On The First Day Of Summer (PHOTOS)

Summer just wasn't ready to make an appearance!
Alberta Got 25 CM Of Snow On The First Day Of Summer (PHOTOS)
Ontario Editor

With the first day of summer officially gracing the nation yesterday, many Canadians were hoping for sunshine and warmth. While some Canadians were able to get out an enjoy the warmth, parts of one Canadian province were actually experiencing a second winter. In parts of Alberta, snow reached up to 25 CM yesterday, and the photos are insane. 

According to the Weather Networkup to 25 CM of snow fell over high terrain near Banff and Jasper early Friday morning, and another 10 CM is expected before the weekend is over. While snow isn't uncommon during the first few weeks of June, the Weather Network states that over 20 CM of snow in this area during the summer is unheard of. 

Yet, Alberta wasn't the only place that witnessed some snowfall on the first day of summer, the Weather Network also states that the Rockies and even parts of BC faced some snowfall on Friday as well. 

Of course, as soon as the snow started to hit, many confused Albertans took to social media to share their surprise when they were greeted with morning snow, instead of some morning sunshine.

Some locals were even spotted enjoying snowmobiling throughout the area, while other Candian provinces were enjoying their first day of summer poolside.  

Yet, while some parts of Alberta were facing a crazy amount of snow on the first day of summer, other parts of Alberta were hit with intense flash floods. 

Rainfall warnings were issued by Environment Canada for Calgary and other areas in southwestern Alberta stating that heavy downpour would cause flash flooding on some streets throughout the area. 

According to Albertans who took to social media throughout the day, 50-60mm of rainfall hit the city and streets and the Queen Elizabeth II Highway started to overflow with water. 

Of course, since we live in Canada, we've learned that the first day of summer never guarantees warm and sunny weather. 

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor