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Crazy Storm Hit Alberta Last Night With Over 12,000 Strikes Of Lightning (PHOTOS)

Hail the size of a Toonie was also spotted throughout the province.
Crazy Storm Hit Alberta Last Night With Over 12,000 Strikes Of Lightning (PHOTOS)

Albertans were losing sleep Tuesday night after strike upon strike of lightning rattled the province in an intense storm. These strong thunderstorms rolled through Alberta and brought over 12,000 strikes of lightning with them throughout the night. The storm lasted well into the hours of Wednesday morning. 

According to the Weather Network, between the late evening hours on Tuesday to around 7 AM on Wednesday morning, more than 12,000 strikes of lightning were detected throughout the entire province. 4,000 of these strikes were actually striking in just southern Alberta alone. 

This storm left the Alberta sky lighting up constantly as lightning continued to strike throughout the night, putting on a personal light show for those who were awake throughout the night storm. 

This storm occurred after Environment Canada issued multiple warnings throughout Alberta for severe thunderstorms. While the night storm is over,  thunderstorm warnings are still in effect throughout the province as there is still a risk of storms continuing throughout Wednesday. 

With this in mind, Environment Canada is still warning Albertans that lightning can kill. As the storms continue to move throughout the province, if you see lightning you should seek shelter immediately. So far, there has been no reported lightning strike injuries. 

As the massive storm took over the province last night, many Albertans were able to capture some of the crazy lightning that was striking. Many Albertans even claimed that the storm was so loud that they were unable to get any sleep throughout the night. 

However, it wasn't just lightning that Albertans had to be worried about during the storm on Tuesday night. Heavy downpours and large hail were also spotted throughout the area. 

Some Albertans even claim that the hail that was falling was around the same size as a toonie. 

The average number of lightning flashes that hit Canada each year is an estimated 2.2 million. While the month that is most likely to see the most amount of lightning flashes is July.