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11 Photos Of The April Blizzard That Will Make You Happy You Aren't In Alberta

If you live in Alberta, or anywhere else in the prairies I'm sorry. While the rest of the country has enjoyed a bit of sunshine today, a late spring Blizzard has swept across Alberta and the prairies lately, leaving lots of snow and hazardous conditions in its midst. 

According to the Weather Network, parts of Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan have been hit with blizzard conditions with heavy snowfall and strong winds. Across Alberta, the accumulations of snow were anywhere from 10 to 15 cm. All of it is because of an intense low-pressure system. 

As the system moves east, those rough, winter conditions are now being felt in Saskatchewan. Environment Canada has also issued several winter storm and blizzard warnings in that area, particularly in the southern part of the province. 

For example, in the City of Regina, there is a blowing snow advisory in place. In the special weather statement, Environment Canada says "poor visibility in snow and blowing snow is expected or occurring in some locations." They also say that as the system continues through the region, "travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility in some locations."

However, even the Regina advisory says that the conditions there aren't as bad as in the west. 

To show just how bad the weather is out west, people have been sharing pictures and videos of the weather in Alberta using the hashtag #abstorm. 

However, some people in Alberta are actually excited to see this snow. Not only do some people love the winter weather (we are Canadian after all) but the extra moisture will be really good for the ground ahead of farming season across the prairies.