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Environment Canada Issues 10 CM Snowfall Warning In This Province & "Thunder Snow" Is Expected

The weather this year has been proving Canadian stereotypes over and over again. The official start of summer is just two days away, but you would never be able to tell that we're in June based on the weather forecast in some parts of the country. Up to 10 cm of snowfall and thunderstorms is in Alberta's weather forecast. On Wednesday, Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for parts of the province. 

Canada has definitely had its fill of bizarre weather this year. For instance, last fall, Alberta had its first snowfall as early as September. Now, several months later, wintery weather is still hitting the province. While the calendar may state that it is June, the weather in Alberta says otherwise. 

Environment Canada's snowfall warning is effective for the Jasper National Park area of Alberta. "Snowfall with total amounts of about 10 cm is expected," reads the weather warning."A low developing over central Alberta will wrap moisture over the mountain parks today. This system is expected to give up to 10 cm of snow to higher elevations including sections of the Icefields Parkway Highway 93."

Not only is there expected to be significant snowfall, but "thundersnow" as well. "So, for those travelling on the highways, you could see or experience thunder snow, which is a unique phenomenon, but certainly not out of the question this time of year," Lisa Erven, an Environment Canada meteorologist, told CBC News.

Environment Canada is also warning drivers to be extra careful on the roads. "Be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions. If visibility is reduced while driving, turn on your lights and maintain a safe following distance," reads the advisory. 

There are also other weather advisories currently in place for Alberta. Several rainfall and thunderstorm warnings are in effect for the province, as well as air quality advisories due to the active wildfires in Alberta. 

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Southern Alberta is under the severe thunderstorm warning, which means the region is at risk of strong wind storms, large hail and heavy rainfall.

"Thunderstorms have developed over southern Alberta. Some of these storms have the potential to become severe," reads the warning from Environment Canada. 

Alberta isn't the only province receiving snowfall in June. Parts of BC also received a fresh layer of snow this morning. Summer does start in two days, but who knows what wild weather Mother Nature has in store next? 

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