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Alberta Weddings Are Going Ahead With Social-Distancing & You Can Have 12 Guests

The pandemic may be ongoing but weddings aren't waiting for anyone. You'll be able to celebrate your nuptials again soon, but in a more intimate fashion than you may have been planning. In fact, an Edmonton hotel is offering a socially-distanced wedding package for couples seeking to tie the knot this summer. As the province slowly continues to reopen, it looks like Alberta weddings are back on the agenda. 

Since so many venues had shut their doors to the public, it was becoming pretty difficult to get hitched in a decorated venue in Edmonton. 

Restaurants, bars, pubs, outdoor recreation spaces, and a bunch of hotels were told to close up for the time being. 

Unless you wanted to do an adorable living room wedding, it's been slim pickings for a few months now. 

However, the province is slowly reopening and that means that a bunch of different venues, including the likes of restaurants, bars, some recreational spaces, and even hotels have been given the go-ahead to begin welcoming the public again. 

Though there are rules to follow.

Under the current health mandates, as mentioned in the Government of Alberta website, any gathering that contains more than 15 people is banned.

And even that, each person in that group has to maintain a physical distance of two meters from one another. 

Fines of $1000 and beyond have been promised by the authorities if rules are breached.

But at least there are finally venues opening up out there to help you create your perfect fairytale wedding. And it won't be just you and your partner: you can bring guests along. 

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald is one such that is already offering weddings for the summer. 

This hotel had also closed their doors back on March 30, but it looks like the province's green light on venues has allowed them to turn their lights on again. 

Based on their latest Instagram post, their "Just Me & You, Let's Say 'I Do'" wedding package is offering couples to get married in their hotel over the summer. 

As such, the "elegant event spaces" have been reconfigured to accommodate up to 14 people altogether. That includes you, your S/O and 12 other guests here to take part in your big day. 

So if you've been meaning to get hitched for a while but haven't found a venue to arrange the whole thing for you, you may have found just a place. 

Plus, with the 12-person guest limit, you can take this moment to really cull the invite list if it's way too uncontrollable at the moment. 

Big weddings are great and all, but sometimes you just want your loved ones to be around for the big day. 

This particular wedding package is applicable from June 1, 2020, and lasts until August 31, 2020, confirmed by a spokesperson from the Fairmont. 

According to government officials, the physical distancing requirements are not stopping anytime soon. But it also doesn't mean that the wedding season is on hold forever.