Alberta's New Winter Forecast Shows Long Stretches Of Frigid & Miserable Weather

Bundle up, Berta!
Alberta's New Winter Forecast Shows Long Stretches Of Frigid & Miserable Weather

In Alberta, we can never really predict what sort of weather we'll be seeing from one day to the next. The seasons don't change gradually, they kick down the door without warning. Every time we get used to warm weather, we get a big dump of snow. Whenever we get used to winter, a chinook will blow through. If you're tired of surprises, we've got good news. If you don't love the cold, we've got bad news. We've got the scoop on the Alberta winter forecast for 2019 and 2020.

The Weather Network’s winter forecast for Canada shows a “harsh” winter for much of Canada. If you’ve been struggling during this especially cold fall, this winter is going to be a tough one.

“The wild and historic winter-like weather that's impacted parts of the country this fall looks to provide us with hints of what the upcoming winter has in store,” says Dr. Doug Gillham.

They go on to explain that most of Canada can expect near normal or colder-than-normal temperatures this winter. Something they’re referring to as a “classic Canadian winter.”

We can also look forward to some serious precipitation. "Near-normal to above-normal precipitation and snowfall are expected this winter across most of Canada," says TWN.

Now, let's talk about Alberta. According to Dr. Gillham, the Canadian Prairies can look forward to a “long and frigid winter.”

Though, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will be hit the hardest. Taking a look at Alberta, there will be “bouts of severe cold,” as well. But, working in our favour will be some periods of mild weather, which will work to offset the biting cold. 

Still, the report does specify that the periods of severe weather will be nice and long as well.

As for the rest of Canada, B.C. can look forward to a mild winter with normal temperatures. They might even be getting a drier winter than normal. So, that’s positive for them.

If you’d like to commiserate with someone about the brutal winter ahead, you may want to look to Eastern Canada. Ontario and Quebec are getting “a long, cold and snowy winter.”

They’ll be experiencing an active storm track, risks of freezing rain, and above normal ice coverage.

A cold winter is nothing Albertans haven't seen before. Thankfully, the province is filled with a ton of cozy winter activities, hot springs, and adorable cabins for winter getaways.

If all you want to do is stay indoors after getting a glimpse of what's to come, we're sure Netflix will be happy to keep you company.

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