Just because you're living in the country doesn't mean you can't live in fancy luxury. This Albertan country mansion is absolutely enormous, with a plot of land so large it practically has its own forest. It's just the type of place you'd find Lil Nas X when he's writing songs or chilling in the woods.

Lil Nas X is a two-time Grammy award-winning musician who went hugely viral in 2019 with his smash hit "Old Town Road" and he loves Calgary. He even headlined the Calgary Stampede in 2019. For someone born in Georgia, he's got might powerful Albertan energy.

The two-year-old woodland palace sits at almost 6,000 square feet in area, on an enormous 19.4-acre plot of land. With that much space, you can jam out all you want without any neighbours complaining.

With five bedrooms and six full bathrooms, the country-rap legend can easily fit in his crew and more. The master bedroom would be reserved for Billy Rae Cyrus, of course.

And with a massive, open-concept living room complete with cut stone fireplace, you could easily throw private concerts, extravagant parties, or more.

The home is located in the exclusive community of Bearspaw, a rural residential area on the northeast outskirts of Calgary built up mostly of country residential acreages and similarly massive mansions.

There's more than a little room to stretch and roam around.

The house doesn't currently have a stable, but with all that space, there's definitely enough room to get at least one or two horses in the back.

And with an option to purchase the surrounding lots on top of the humongous property, the owner practically has the land of a small, old town. Maybe they could even get a road running through it.

On top of everything, the mansion comes with top-notch amenities like a full gourmet kitchen and "one of the largest pantries," according to the listing.

Whether it's jamming out on the outrageously big plot of land or chilling in one of the many bathtubs after a hard day's work, this countryside palace has got it all.

Lil Nas X Mansion

Price: $3,989,000

Address: Rural Rocky View County, Bearspaw Meadows, AB

Description: A beautiful, humongous country mansion with more land and space than you'd know what to do with.

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