It’s impossible to drive through rural Alberta in the summer without noticing the vast golden fields throughout the countryside. For anyone who doesn’t happen to normally drive through the province’s farmland, it is definitely worth a trip this year to visit Alberta’s canola fields. Depending on where you’re coming from, it may be a bit of a drive, but the results will be flawlessly photogenic. We promise.

So when’s the best time to go? The height of summer.

July is considered “prime time for canola,” a Travel Alberta representative explained to Narcity in an interview.

Late July is when the fields tend to be in full bloom, offering you the best photo opportunities.

Keep an eye on Travel Alberta for updates. Last year, the group posted on Facebook when full bloom had arrived.

“Start the car!” it said. “Rumour has it canola fields are in full bloom, which means golden fields will be blowing up your feed in no time.”

At this time of year, tourists should have plenty of options for canola field gazing.

Several local tourism and agricultural organizations advertise tours for those who are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the crop. For example, Lakeland College offered a pea and canola field tour last year.

On Wednesday, July 8, this year the Lacombe Research & Development Centre – found about 130 kilometres south of Edmonton – is hosting the sixth annual CanolaPalooza

Yes, this really is a thing.

If you think you can survive without an event that promises 125 experts to answer every question about canola you could ever think of, there are some more casual options on offer.

You can actually just find a scenic spot along the road at which to pull over.

But remember not to trespass on farmers’ land without permission.

Our Travel Alberta expert says, “Most of the land canola is on is private so it’s important to note that people don’t go onto the fields and that they are safely pulled over on the roads.”

Beyond canola fields, there are dozens of beautiful places to visit across the province of Alberta.

But if you are unable to make it to this side of Canada this year, Ontario also has some canola fields.

There are also loads of adorable towns you can visit while hunting for canola fields in Alberta.