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The Latest "Battle Of Alberta" Game Had A Massive Goalie Fight & It's Wild (VIDEO)

Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers rivalry is REAL.
Alberta's Goalie Fight This February Was Wild & It Proves The "Battle Of Alberta" Is Real

The Battle of Alberta reached a fever pitch on Saturday, February 1 between the two neighbouring NHL teams. Things between the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers got so heated that even the goalies got into it. Alberta's goalie fight proved just how deep the river of hatred runs between these two teams and you have to see it to believe how brutal it was.

It all started with Sam Gagner, a forward for the Oilers who dove nearby the net to try and sneak the puck in.

The Flames weren't having it and in a split second, there were three of them including their goalie dogpiled on top of Gagner.

The entire line basically erupted into a fight in the Flames' side. Meanwhile, Mike Smith, the goalie for the Oilers who previously played for the Flames for the last two seasons, skated up out of his post to centre ice.

The fight started to wind down, with just Calgary's Mathew Tkachuk and Edmonton's Ethan Bear left fighting.

Flames' goalie Cam Talbot actually also played for Edmonton for four years as recently as 2019. Suddenly, he skated up to centre ice to meet the Oilers' goalie and all hell broke loose.

According to the CBC, this is the first NHL goalie fight since 2013 and the first one ever between the rival Albertan teams.

SportsNet's video of the brawl is crazy. Anyone who knows hockey in Canada knows that it's not unusual for a few punches to be thrown and even a few choice words to be exchanged between players.

We understand that tussles happen when people body-slam each other on the ice, but this goalie altercation was a lot.

Just the season before, the goalies were playing for the other team which might help explain why it was so intense.

After the dust settled, both teams went back to their dressing rooms to cool down. There were 24 seconds left on the clock.

The Battle of Alberta had another epic game on January 29 and based on what went down a few days later, there's still more bad blood between the teams.

On January 29, the Flames won over the Oilers four to three.

At this latest game, the Flames were crushed. The Oilers one eight to three against the Flames.

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